Tennis Courts

Are you considering upgrading and resurfacing your tennis court?

If you think it is time to resurface, upgrade or replace your tennis courts, please read about the benefits of our expert resurfacing service.

We offer a range of sports surfaces to suit all budgets and we can often use your existing base surface, allowing for a quick, clean installation saving the cost and disturbance of a brand new tennis court. Your tennis court will be better than new and back in action in record time!


Expertly resurfaced tennis courts

We will inspect your site and give clear advice about the most suitable surfaces available, supplying Lawn Tennis Association approved materials and using highly skilled experienced installation fitters. Outdoor Carpets will provide a complete solution for a high quality tennis court refurbishment – resurfacing and upgrading your sports surface to give years of active use.

Ideally suited to resurfacing existing tennis courts, the all weather products we use provide a cost effective, high quality, good looking surface quickly installed with the minimum amount of disruption and debris, increasing playing time and income potential.

After many years of working with a wide range of surfaces, we now specialise in the synthetic surfaces given below. Our experience has shown us that these are the most effective, hard wearing and high quality surfaces available. If you are unsure whether you should upgrade to an artificial clay tennis court or choose a synthetic grass surface we will be happy to discuss the benefits of each so you make an informed decision for your facility.

These recommended surfaces offer the following benefits:

  • They are all-weather playing surfaces
  • The materials and unique installation provides a free draining surface that allows for play, even following rainy weather
  • All surfaces allow for an accurate bounce and great response to spin
  • All surfaces are player-friendly, offering medium slow play
  • Superior cushioning reduces strain on knees and ankles
  • Consistent performance over a long period

The non-directional textile fibres eradicate odd trajectories, ensuring accurate bounce with a good response to spin – ideal for all levels of play.

Permanent inlaid lines look fresh and smart and are identical in specification to the body of the new tennis court surface, so there are no unexpected or odd bounces.

The surfaces we install provide great grip for challenging play and are able to absorb high impact movement. Players of all ages can enjoy safe, speedy play on a responsive, cushioned surface, which helps to absorb high impact movements. No matter the age or ability of your players, there are clear benefits to reducing strain on ankles and knees.

Outdoor Carpets will be delighted to discuss your requirements. We offer great looking, affordable tennis courts, which give consistent, high quality performance – your players will be delighted with the end result.