Clayrite – Tufted Sand Filled Surface

Clayrite – Medium Slow Clay Style Tennis Court


Clayrite is one of the most popular choices for re-surfacing existing tennis courts. Whether you want to  upgrade a court, or have a full replacement for a worn out clay court, Clayrite is a great choice.

Available in a ready-to-install kit, fitting a Clayrite Court couldn’t be simpler. It can be positioned without any pre-installation site or maintenance work.

Clayrite comprises a sand-dressed, tufted surface with a high textile to sand ratio. This ensures that any surface tendency to compact during play is significantly reduced. Clayrite is similar to a sand filled playing surface, but offers a slightly softer pace of play.

With the medium to slow surface speed, ball bounce and player experience compares closely with traditional clay.

Clayrite tennis courts have the option of lines incorporated into the playing surface – so no further requirement for taped lines or time consuming maintenance.

Our unique fitting and installation methods provides a free draining surface that allows all weather usage, increasing playing time and boosting revenue potential.

The surface thickness of Clayrite is 13mm – yarn content is 100% UVS KDK Polyproylene. The total surface weight is 2040 grams per square metre. Clayrite comes in standard widths ( 3.00, 3.65, 3.75 and 4.00 meters) but if you require a non standard size, we are delighted to provide a specific quote.

The textile fibres used in Clayrite carry a lifetime Ultra Violet Stable guarantee and the surface will not deteriorate over time.

The benefits of Clayrite are:-

• Tufted artificial clay tennis surface
• Low maintenance cleaning routine using suitable jet wash and solutions
• Permanently inlaid lines require minimal maintenance
• Classified to International Tennis Federation  Category 2 Medium Slow