Claytex Ultra – Fibre Bonded Rubber Crumb

Claytex Ultra – Synthetic Clay Court Surface

racket on courtClaytex Ultra is a synthetic clay court system. It combines closed chevron needlepunch material fully adhered to the sub base and dressed with rubber crumb granules with permanent inlaid lines to replicate the characteristics of playing on a real clay court.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor playing areas, Claytex Ulta is also a durable, fast draining system that provides an all weather surface for outdoor courts – only severe ice or heavy snow prevents play.

This synthetic clay tennis court surface rewards players with consistent ball bounce and trajectory.

Upholding the trend towards more player friendly surfaces, the in-built cushion layer reduces player fatigue and joint injury.

Using our unique adhesive spray, the surface is fully secured to the base court providing a long lasting  playing surface that remains perfectly smooth and even.

Claytex Ultra has:

  • Fine needle punched fibrebond structured material
  • An artificial yet convincing clay tennis surface
  • In-fill provided with rubber crumb particles in a variety of colours
  • Built in cushion layer which is of benefit to all ages of player
  • Fast draining allows play during and after rain
  • Low maintenance – simple, easy and quick.
  • Inland lines included

Claytex material is also used in combination with a red clay dust dressing to create MatchClay the latest type of clay tennis court surfaces, which we also install.